Game Industry: Rebellion Takes Over Game Developer The Bitmap Brothers

The British game developer and publisher rebellion takes over its previous competitor The Bitmap Brothers, Part of the package is also the rights to many classics of the game history that The Bitmap Brothers produced in the 80s and 90s.

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Among them are Speedball ( Retro Speedball 2), Cadaver, The Chaos Engine and Z. Rebellion wants to develop based on the classic new games for different platforms. There are no financial details for the transaction.

With the takeover Rebellion continues its expansion course. It was not until mid-November 2019 that the company, founded in 1991 by the brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley in Oxford, introduced a spin-off for board games. The studio is best known for the Snipe Elite series. The next scheduled release is the Zombie Army 4 Dead Army action game scheduled for February 4, 2020.

The Bitmap Brothers was founded in 1987 by Mike Montgomery, Eric Matthews and Steve Kelly near London. For a while, the studio was considered a cult because it could set new standards in terms of graphics and gameplay simultaneously with its programs produced primarily for Amiga and Atari ST. The games were innovative – and sometimes extremely challenging, which made them especially popular with hardcore gamers.

The last big hit for The Bitmap Brothers was the real-time strategy game Z, released in 1996 for Windows PC. Over the past few years, the studio has republished some remakes of its classics and earned money with an artbook through Kickstarter.

Some of the classics, such as the Z successor Steel Soldiers, are also currently available as mobile device implementations. Whether Mike Montgomery, who was at least until the recent takeover of the company boss, remains on board, is not known.

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