Game Industry: SAP analyzes e-athletes –

Anyone who has included the character Anti-Hero in his team at Gamescom 2019 at the Electronic Sports League (ESL) in a game of Dota 2 has most likely chosen the character Kunkka. Not a good idea – although the 6.22 percent of the players who chose Kunkka in Cologne won exactly 34.78 percent of the matches.

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It was better for all those who put on anti-hero and in addition to Dragon Knight: They could namely 54.55 percent of the games won by themselves. Clever Dota 2 tacticians may find the numbers a bit odd, because they are not quite what they have been doing for years.

There is a reason for this: The information applies to the Gamescom in Cologne, where they are in real time from the software house SAP and that has simply been evaluated at the show much fewer games than usual.

"Usually we work with much larger amounts of data", tells us Milan Cerny, who is responsible for E-Sports at SAP in Walldorf, at Gamescom. The E-Sports department of SAP works with Team Liquid Cerny analyzes and analyzes over Dota 2's API on a typical day of training up to half a million individual data – which of course can vary a lot, says Cerny.

At Gamescom 2019, SAP presented its analysis tools for Dota 2. (Image: SAP SE)

It's not just about the best combinations of heroes. Even less obvious data, he could evaluate with his team to help the e-sports professionals. At Gamescom, Cerny will show us comparison curves that relate the number of mouse clicks to the movement of the characters and the victories. This can be – to put it simply – prove that simple moving does not necessarily contribute as much to the success, as many good amateur players may expect.

SAP and the Dota 2 professionals at Team Liquid have been working together since April 2018, including analysis in the training centers. Of course, according to Cerny, SAP / Hana software is used as a data storage and analytical engine, and applications run in the SAP cloud. At SAP, Cerny currently has two full-time developers, as well as agencies and external staff.

In addition to the analysis tools for the professionals – and in a much simpler form for the visitors of Gamescom – SAP also supports commentators and in general the reporting of tournaments. With Dota 2 one had last the data displayed on the screen also in real time registered and contributed.

According to Cerny, SAP does not get involved in e-sports so much as to promote sales of its financial and business software. Instead, it's all about making technology-savvy computer gamers aware of the company. Who knows: Working with Anti-Hero could be the start of your professional life.