Game, similar to Apex Legends, increased its sales by 4000%

Apex: Legends, which created an earthquake effect in the game world, has helped the construction of an unforeseen great help inevitably. they proved how solid they were doing. Nowadays, Apex Legends has exploded sales of a game that has nothing to do with it.

The sales of Apex Construct, which was built on Steam, specifically designed for virtual reality, flew. In the last 2 weeks, the game's producer Fast Travel Games, which increased the game total sales by 4000%, has admitted that the game was inadvertently received due to name similarity, and some players started the return process, while their pockets were overfilled.

Although the price of the exit date of an incredible coincidence Apex Legends was 15 days before. This is the name of the game, the quality was ahead. If you want to have a look at Apex Construct, you can reach the Steam page where you sold it for 50 TL by clicking here


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