Games Developer Summit: Cryengine and performance tools for Android

Google has released several Android tools for developers that help game studios better optimize their titles for Android devices. Because the Games Developer Conference (GDC) was postponed to summer 2020, Google Games Developer Summit used a virtual platform for the presentation. From Crytek came the announcement, one Beta of the Cryengine for Android want to publish.

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So far, the Cryengine primarily supports PC and console platforms such as Windows, Linux, Xbox and Playstation. Meanwhile, there are also titles for Nintendo's Switch and a port of the VR game The Climb for the Oculus Quest. Inside is a Snapdragon chip that runs Android as the operating system, which is why it is not surprising that Crytek supports it. The Android beta program for developers should start in 2020, an exact date is missing.

Google in turn has new and revised ones Tools For optimizing performance: This includes several profiling tools, for example to examine memory allocation in more detail and, if necessary, to find and close memory leaks. With the CPU cores and the threads running on them, a tracing system helps to adapt your own code. Another improvement has been made to the file system, now games can be installed and started much faster.

There is also a developer preview of the GPU inspector for Android, which is suitable for ARM Mali and Qualcomm Adreno graphics units. The tool lists whether a compute shader is currently in the GPU queue and when the Vulkan API is used, the load is also visualized. For the time being, the GPU Inspector only runs on the Google Pixel 4 (XL), the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. Other tools are an extension for Visual Studio, a package registry for the Unity engine and there are cloud firestores open alpha version.

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