Gaming accessories: Razer’s tiny mouse weighs 62 grams

Razer has a small and light new gaming mouse on offer. The Deathader V2 Mini weighs 62 grams without cable and measures 114.2 x 56 x 38.5 mm. The shape is based on the conventional Deathadder V2. It is a right-handed mouse with two additional buttons on the left side of the case. The two main buttons also have a corrugated surface. This should give the product a better feel.

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An optical sensor with a maximum scanning resolution of 8,500 dpi works inside the mouse. The sensor detects an acceleration of 35 G and 300 inches per second, which is slightly below the value of more expensive high-end mice. Razer also installs optical switches for the click buttons. In practice, these should last longer, since there is less friction when clicking and signals are triggered instead of by electronic contacts by interrupting a light beam.

The side keys can be programmed in the Synapse software with macros or alternative key assignments. This information and DPI profiles can be saved on the internal memory of the mouse. There are four gliding pads attached to the underside, which are attached to the sides and around the sensor. Experience has shown that too many such pads can impair the sliding properties on surfaces without a mouse pad. The low weight and thus the smaller effort required to move the Deathadder V2 Mini counteract this.

Razer Deathadder V2 Mini (Image: Razer)

The RGB lighting is less prominently visible here. Only the Razer logo can be individualized using Chroma RGB software. The mouse is connected via USB-A cable, which has a braided jacket.

Razer offers the mouse in its own online shop. It currently costs 60 euros, a little less than the larger version of the Deathadder V2.

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