Gaming: Game Flatrate Apple Arcade launches on September 19, 2019

Apple wants to market its games flat rate Apple Arcade starting from the 19. September 2019 to the subscription price of approximately 5 euro in the month. The company announced this in the context of its keynote address in mid-September 2019 – and offered an outlook on some of the upcoming games. Apple Arcade can be tested for a month for free. As part of the family release, up to six people can share a subscription.

Job market

  1. BWI GmbH, various locations
  2. WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH (according to Swiss law) & Co. KG, Minden-P├Ąpinghausen

One of the titles presented was Frogger in Toy Town by Konami, based on the classic Frogger. The second game featured was Capcom's World Above in an underwater scenario, followed by a preview of the music-action racing game Shinsekai: Into the Depths by Annapurna Interactive. The three titles presented should rather appeal to casual gamers and leave passionate hardcore players cold.

But for those, it could also be exciting things to discover. After all, even studios such as The Chinese Room, Klei Entertainment and Sega Games to publish on Apple Arcade, whose offer is to be renewed again and again.

The available games will run on smartphones and tablets on iOS as well as on computers with MacOS and Apple TV. Stores should be synchronized via the cloud. A simultaneous publication on devices with Android does not allow Apple. Whether marketing of desktop versions via Steam or the Epic Games Store is permitted is currently unknown.

The Apple Arcade, which can be accessed via a very noticeable App Store icon, is not a game streaming like Google's Stadia. Instead, users need to download the games in a classic way on their device. The games should not require further payments, even for cosmetic extras or later released extensions.