Gaming mouse: Razer reissues the Deathadder

The peripheral manufacturer Razer has introduced two mice: the Deathadder V2 and the Basilisk V2. The two input devices are aimed at gamers and represent modernized versions of popular mice that have been available for years. As usual, the names are based on snakes: Deathadder is the English name for the genus of the death otters, whereas the basilisk is a mystical snake known since antiquity is.

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The Deathadder V2 is a symmetrical, wired mouse with dimensions of 127 x 61.7 x 42.7 mm and a weight of 82 g. It has eight programmable buttons, with two thumb buttons on each side. Razer wants the rubberized sides to be easier to grip and the mouse wheel to be more direct. The PMW-3399 sensor from Pixart achieves up to 20,000 dpi and an acceleration of 650 inches per second. The first Deathadder appeared in 2006 at 1,800 dpi.

For the Basilisk V2, Razer falls back on the model with cable, because the Basilisk Ultimate and the Basilisk X have been available as wireless versions for several months. The sensor inside the Basilisk V2 corresponds to that of the Deathadder V2, but the housing is for Right-handed designed. It measures 130 x 60 x 42 mm at 92 g. There are a total of eleven buttons, four of which are located on the left inside. The tactile mouse wheel has an adjustable and no fixed resistance, which makes it interesting for games and office work.

Basilisk V2 (Image: Razer)

Razer sells the Deathadder V2 for 80 euros and the Basilisk V2 for 90 euros via its own online shop. Both gaming mice are expected to be available in retail stores during the first quarter of 2020.

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