Gearbox Software: Patch for Borderlands 3 corrects bosses and bugs

The development studio Gearbox Software has fixed some of the most pressing issues in the Borderlands 3 action game. The patch to version 1.02 is ready for download – too big is the file not, on the Playstation 4 about 235 MByte must be downloaded.

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Among other things, the update fixes the fighting behavior of the chief boss Killavolt, who probably electrified the entire floor around him due to a mistake in certain situations.

There are also a number of minor technical fixes. In particular, the version for Windows PC should benefit from changes in texture streaming when the player uses the visor of his weapon to zoom. The official patch notes provide an overview of the problems that Gearbox has resolved in the equally as fast as flashy spectacle.

The developers emphasize that they are far from finished optimizing. The current patch is just to make the already made corrections as soon as possible available. Borderlands 3 has been well received by the community and critics alike, but it contains a noticeable amount of bugs.

The commercial success of Borderlands 3, the errors have apparently not hurt so much: Publisher 2K Games has announced shortly after the release of the game on September 13, 2019, to have delivered five million copies to the trade.

Of the players who have actually bought the action game, more than 70 percent have purchased the download version – an unusually high value. Overall, the game has already achieved in the five days after publication a net revenue of more than one billion US dollars.