General Mobile's Affectionate Babes Day Videosu

General Mobile, one of the most preferred smartphone brands in our country, touched the audience with a special video of Babs Day

New video from General Mobile's YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts "We have a surprise for you" starts with the sentence and emotion of the audience from the first minute. Firstly, the middle and young aged girls and boys are greeting their parents with the "Hello Daddy" salutation, and the mothers salute their wives. With the progress of the video, emotional moments leave a funny and cheerful minute. Because the team that prepares the video is quite successful, they lead some entertaining questions such as how their fathers invited themselves, how the children forgotten them when they asked for something from their fathers, etc.

The sincere and sincere answers given by the children to the questions are quite funny. Of course, there are no backplanes in the mothers. Moments in the video were asked a curious question about how their spouses reacted after receiving their pregnancy news. The answers given by the parents are at least as much fun as the children.


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Finally, the video ends with mom and dad giving the message of fatherly celebration. The fact that such videos are made on special occasions makes the audience happy. Some of the best examples of this are some emotional awareness advertisements that Volvo has done before. Now let's leave you with this beautiful video without losing much: