Genes from Babes Determine the Mood of Women

The genes that come from our parents can determine our pleasures, point of view or appearance.

According to a new survey by scientists, father genes are very effective on women. At this point, we already knew that the genes we bought from our parents made up our appearance and personality.

During and after the pregnancy, however, the behavior of women shaped by the genes they received from their fathers actually held a particular gene responsible for how well they would look after their babies. The highly speculative situation shows that women's moods and changes are progressing according to the genes that come from the father.


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As always, this time the first tests were tried on mice. At this point, the genes indirectly affected the offspring 's nursing care both before and after birth. This phenomenon, which is quite surprising, seems like the teachings gained from someone's mother at first glance, but the genes actually show the father. This information, which is still in the process of research, has been supported by the same thesis without making the opposite corner so far