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  • Plan “home beachers”, “family vacationers”, “outdoor fans”, “culture lovers” and “active vacationers” your individual home vacation.
  • Vacationer types adapt their shopping behavior to the new one Staycation situation on.
  • Brands can now target search data using eBay benefit directly from the current holiday business.

Staycation instead of travel: This is the motto of the Germans in the pandemic summer 2020. German consumers have developed different strategies so that holidays at home can be achieved despite all restrictions. There are five different types of vacationers that directly influence their shopping behavior Staycation situation to adjust.

Staycation Report shows five different types of vacationers

From the “home beacher” and “outdoor fan” to the “family vacationer” and “culture lover” to the tireless “active vacationer”: classic holiday products such as travel pillows (minus 75 percent), travel plugs (minus 53 percent), roof boxes (minus 49 percent) or Suitcases (minus 33 percent) are not in demand this summer. In the focus of the this year’s staycation plans they have all the gadgets that bring the beach to your home, sweeten your time-out in the fresh air, make children happy, let you experience foreign cultures in your own four walls or simply bring more exercise on vacation. This is the result of the current “Staycation Report”, for which eBay Advertising evaluated the search queries on in the lockdown months April and May 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Each of the five types of vacationers has special preferences. (Grafi: ebay advertising)

“Because of the current situation, this year’s summer vacation is a little different for most of us than usual. Unusually many Germans will spend their vacation at home this time. What is a real challenge for the traditional travel industry offers many other brands a great opportunity to benefit from Holiday Business 2020. Because many Germans invest their travel budget directly in the success of their staycation, ”explains Mike Klinkhammer, EU Advertising Sales Director at eBay.

“The types of vacationers we have identified therefore not only show how the Germans want to spend their vacation at home, but above all what target groups marketers should target this summer. With our targeted eBay search data targeting, we offer brands and advertisers exactly the right solution, ”continues Klinkhammer.

The “home beacher”: beach feeling for home

Sunbathing, relaxing, splashing in the water: there is nothing better for the “home beacher”! And that’s exactly why he brings this beach feeling directly to your home in Staycation summer 2020. From your own pool (+187 percent) to the sun lounger (plus 114 percent) and the parasol (+ 67 percent) to the beach chair (+96 percent) and the hammock (+ 82 percent): properly equipped, this vacationer feels at home near the sea. In addition to the classic beach life, many also long for the lively party feeling of their last club holiday, which they have at home with their own bar (+ 52 percent), torches (+ 96 percent), beer, wine and spirits (+ 19 percent) and one want to recreate powerful garden speakers (+ 27 percent) for the right background music.

The “family vacationer”: the focus is on fun for the children

Anyone who has children knows that the little ones have fun, the big ones can relax! This makes the “family vacationer” all the more active in planning appropriate employment offers for the kids so that everyone can really enjoy their vacation at home. The garden is equipped with a paddling pool (+ 135 percent), a sandpit (+ 29 percent) and a climbing frame (+ 46 percent). For example, a trampoline (+ 118 percent), table tennis table (+ 190 percent) and water bombs (+ 103 percent) are intended to provide joint exercise and family action. And for relaxed family evenings or bad weather, finger paints (+ 158 percent), board games (+ 76 percent) and coloring books (+ 103 percent) are provided.

The “outdoor fan”: everything for vacationing on balconies or in the garden

The “outdoor fan” prefers to spend the most relaxed hours of the year in the fresh air. Of course, it is doubly fun when everything in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace is nicely prepared: garden fences and privacy screens are already being put in place (+ 61 percent), new lounge furniture is being targeted (+ 419 percent) and for them correct atmosphere Fairy lights for outdoors (+ 180 percent) attached. Of course, cooling off should not be missing in between: With equipment such as a garden shower (+ 169 percent), a water slide (+ 110 percent) and your own whirlpool (+ 118 percent), refreshing outdoor fun will be provided in 2020.

The “culture lover”: Travel without traveling

The “culture lover” loves art and other ways of life – and he doesn’t want to do without them in his staycation either. Live like God in France or La Dolce Vita in Bella Italia? Real culture lovers can do that at home too. Of course, typical local food is very important for the holiday feeling at home, and preparing it with the right cookbook for the respective country (+4163 percent) or special accessories such as a pizza oven (+159 percent) is no problem at all. There is also the right wine from the right region (+131 percent) – and the head journey starts! The appropriate visual impressions and information about the country are provided by corresponding photo books and travel books (+115 percent), small trips to the surrounding area enable travel guides for Germany (+879 percent).

The “active vacationer”: relaxation only with movement during the staycation

The “active vacationer” cannot sit still at home even on vacation, exercise is his best relaxation. Bicycles (+53 percent), jogging (+ 26 percent) and fitness (+ 47 percent) are also an absolute standard for his staycation. This type of vacationer is most likely to relax while fishing (+ 11 percent). But then the urge to move back in again. This summer, active vacationers can get a very special holiday experience by canoe (+ 38 percent) in their home waters.

Reach staycation target groups with eBay search data targeting

For the precise and scalable addressing of these Staycation vacationer types eBay advertising All brands and advertisers with eBay search data targeting a highly efficient solution. With this targeting option, the respective search data of the active users is updated in real time between the ad calls and thus only the relevant target group is addressed with each advertisement. All search data segments can be used via programmatic channels such as private deals or guaranteed deals as well as direct bookings and individually tailored to the desired target group.

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