Giant crypto money market in Huobi America

 Huobi to present special advantages to opening in America
Huobi to offer special advantages to opening in America

Huobi, the third largest cryptographic exchange in the world in terms of trade volume, is creating a new crypto trading space in America. This platform will be created by San Francisco-based HBUS

Huobi will offer special advantages to opening in America

The relationship between HBUS and Huobi is explained as follows:

HBUS is not a branch, subsidiary or affiliate of Huobi. HBUS will also be referred to as Huobi USA or something similar. HBUS is Huospi's exclusive strategic partner in the US

HBUS will send a free monthly transaction to the user on June 5th, who will pre-register on June 10th and pre-register on June 10-14. Although the opening on the website looks like June 15th, HBUS has already announced that this date could be postponed in the event of any extreme demand.

Huobi America will open a branch in San Francisco

Huobi, a Chinese company, already had the idea of ​​opening a branch in San Francisco. The center, which is based in Singapore, wants to be present especially at overseas markets. The company announced that it plans to open an office in London as well as start the operation in South Korea. The US government is setting strict standards for the crypto money exchange through regulatory agencies. However, HBUS states that audits will not be a problem, and that all employees are trained in anti-money laundering (AML) and customer diagnostic (KYC) procedures.

Huobi's biggest competitors Binance and OKEx

The competitors are the leading crypto money exchanges Binance and OKEx. Huobi actively diversified its investment products and services. To make it even better, the company announced it would create a new public Blockchain. Earlier this month, the stock market launched a crypto money-based ETF. He also announced that he will process the pair of Tether (USDT) on his platform for the top 10 crypto money. Meanwhile, Huobi has partnered with a Sino-South Korean investment fund ($ 93 million) in the past few days for Blockchain startups.


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