Gift ideas for technology fans: gadgets under 100 euros

If you are looking for Christmas presents, you will find a lot of interesting suggestions in our tests and guides. We picked the coolest gadget technology.

In the field of audio, for example, Bluetooth headphones are a gift. In-ear models with decent sound are already available for 20 to 30 euros. Although the sound quality is not comparable with expensive ANC headphones, for the ride in the subway or while jogging the budget models are sufficiently good. In our buying guide Bluetooth headphones for less than 30 euros are some interesting models (in-ear, true wireless and on-ear) listed.

If you are interested in the True Wireless version, you should take a look at our comparison test.

Another gift idea is Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. The small adapters make it possible, for example, to retrofit older stereo systems with Bluetooth. The user can then easily stream music from the smartphone to this adapter. Conversely, it is possible, for example, with the Bluetooth headphones to receive the sound of the TV. This gadget especially benefits those who want to have a decent sound on the TV, without waking roommates, children or neighbors. We took a closer look at five different models and made a comparison test.

If you prefer to give away a Bluetooth speaker, you should take a look at our purchase advice. Models such as the anchor Soundcore 2, JBL Flip 4 or Bose Sound Link Micro cost between 40 and 100 euros and offer a decent sound.

Bluetooth in-ear

Anchor SoundBuds Sport

Bluetooth in-ear

TaoTronics TT-BH026

True Wireless

Auvisio True Wireless

1MORE Stylish True Wireless Black (E1026BT)

1MORE Stylish True Wireless

Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver

TaoTronics TT-BA09

Bluetooth speaker mobile

Ultimate Ears UE Boom 3

For filmmakers and photographers, we have a number of interesting gift ideas. For ambitious photographers, for example, offer photo backpacks. Our comparison test of five photo backpacks, for example, two models can be found under 100 €. However, the branded products of Lowpro and Manofrotto are priced slightly above the 100-euro mark.

Also flexible mini tripods are interesting for most photographers. It does not matter if you work with the smartphone, the compact camera or the SLR camera. In our review on the subject, we have tried two high-quality models of the manufacturer Gorillapod.

If you are a lot on the action cam or drone, will be happy about a fast memory card. The important thing is less the capacity, but the speed of the card. In the Kaufberatung Micro SD cards for drones and 4K videos summarized what it depends on and which models are suitable.

For smartphone filmmakers and aspiring youtubers, gimbals are a great help. These same movements of the camera make for a professional look and unadulterated videos. In the lower price segment, there are not only noname products but also branded devices, such as the Osmo Mobile 2 from the drone manufacturer DJI. If you want to know how these compare to more expensive models, you should take a look at the corresponding gimbal comparison test.

If the grandparents regularly demand new photos of the grandchildren, a mobile photo printer would be a suitable gift idea. In our comparison test, three of the six devices cost less than 100 euros. The other three printers are only slightly above.

Camera Backpack

AmazonBasics Trekking

Camera Backpack

Hama trekking tour 160

Micro SD memory card 128 GB

SanDisk Extreme R160 / W90 microSDXC 128GB Kit

Micro SD memory card 128 GB

PNY Elite-X R100 microSDXC 128GB Kit

Smartphone gimbal

Beyondsky Eyemind

Smartphone gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

For car friends and frequent travelers there are suitable gadgets under 100 euros. Drivers of older cars, for example, could look forward to a head-up display. Which data the retrofit solutions display, explains our purchase advice on OBD 2 Head-Up Displays.

If you frequently travel by car, you should consider using a dashcam. Especially, who is traveling alone, benefits from the video recordings in the event of an accident. Instead of word for word, the question of guilt is clearly clarified. The small cameras are legal in Germany and comply with the legal requirements and help to clarify the causes of accidents. The most important criteria when buying such a camera we have summarized in a Dashcam guide. In our comparison test, we tested nine Dashcams from 16 euros.

For motorists who like to lay the keys, a Bluetooth key fob would be a good and really practical gift. The small trailers can be located by app and beep and help to quickly find lost items – such as the car key. We've grouped the top ten devices we've tested into a Keyfinder Top 10 list.

Those who are annoyed by a parking ticket without a parking meter rather than the lost key, is a potential candidate for an electronic parking disc. More and more, a maximum parking time of one hour also applies to car parks of supermarkets or authorities. If you just go shopping and forget to put the parking meter behind the windscreen, you risk up to € 30 penalty. The automatic parking discs prevent this by automatically setting the clock when the car is parked. A really practical gadget that costs around 20 to 30 euros in the legal version. Which models are approved, we explain in our purchase advice electronic parking discs.

Head-up display OBD2

Lescars OBD2 Head-up Display

Rearview mirror dashcam with rearview camera

Car Vox DVR-M6


Yi Technology Compact Dash Camera

Bluetooth Keyfinder

Musegear Finder Rev. 2

Bluetooth Keyfinder

Tile Pro

electronic parking disc

Needit Park Micro

Even for those who travel a lot we have picked out a few suggestions. For example, power banks are a gift for technology friends. They allow the charging of Actioncam or smartphone while on the move and thus guarantee a permanent power supply of the beloved gadgets. In the past, for example, we tested models of Ravpower (test report), Anker (test report) or the power bank of XLayer (test report).

If you travel a lot in the fresh air, you can also use electricity from solar energy. Suitable mobile solar panels (guides) and backpacks (guides) cost between 25 and 100 euros. While these solutions provide limited power, they provide enough power to charge at least the smartphone or power bank.

If it does not have to be a smartphone on the road, as it is only about accessibility, cheap emergency mobile phones are a gift. The simple mobile phones are very cheap and still do a surprisingly good job. All important findings we have summarized in the purchase advice Nofallhandys to 20 euros.

Power Bank

RAVPower Wireless Portable Charger 10W

Power Bank

Anchor PowerCore

Solar panel with power bank

ADDTOP solar panel 5W

solar panel

Choetech solar panel 14W

solar backpack

Intecro XTPower SP507BL 6.5W


Nokia 105

Gamers do not have to spend a lot of money on cool gadgets. Anyone, for example, who gets the Nintendo Switch (test report) or Switch Lite (test report) for Christmas or already owns it, will be pleased about suitable accessories. When it comes to protecting the switch from damage, it is worth taking a look at the guide Switch accessories.

Or how about a gaming headset under the Christmas tree? We tested and compared six wired headsets up to $ 75. All in all, we are positively surprised by the performance of the entry-level models.

If you prefer to play mobile instead of a PC, you might be happy about a gamepad for smartphones. The control via Gamepad is much better than on touchscreen. Suitable models are available from about 20 euros. We took a closer look at seven Android smartphone gamepads, of which only one crosses the 100-euro mark.

Retro friends, for example, can elicit a broad smile with a retro console. In addition to various retro consoles from the revised Sega Mega Drive (test report) to Playstation Classic (test report) to the C64 Mini (review), there is a suitable console for everyone.

However, those who like to play retro games generally have the most of a self-build solution with the ability to emulate different consoles. A guide with matching shopping list, we have published here.

Pocket Nintendo Switch

Subsonic All in One Armor Case

Gaming headset

SteelSeries Arctis 1

Gaming headset

Corsair Gaming HS-50

Smartphone Gamepad

iPega PG-9087

Retro Console

Sega Mega Drive Mini

DIY retro console

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, NESPi Retrogaming Kit

Big and small children came last year with us not too short. For fans of Mario & Co., for example, the Mario-Kart-Carrera-Bahn (test report) is suitable. In the test she has convinced mainly because of the successful design and the regular delivery. Or should Mario rather take off? Then the Mario drone (test report) would be the right one. The high-quality aircraft convinces with its good workmanship and simple control.

If you're into cars and who the classic Carrera track looks too boring, check out the Anki-Overdrive racetrack (review). It's pretty fun and currently very cheap. The big catch: The manufacturer is insolvent, so it may be that the necessary app in the medium term disappears from the market. Those who want to take the risk, get just excellent offers for Anik vehicles.

Another gift idea for children and teenagers is a 3D printing pen. This works with plastic filament and allows cool crafts. Since the handling of the molten plastic is not completely safe, children should only work under supervision. Pens like the Polaroid 3D-Pen (test report) are available from 25 Euro. The consumables (PLA filament) are available from about 20 euros per kilo.

Mario Carrera train

Carrera GO !!! Set – Mario Kart

Mario drone

Carrera RC Nintendo Mini Mario copter

Anki Overdrive

Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Starter Kit

Anki Overdrive car

Anki Overdrive Supercars Big Bang

3D pin

Polaroid 3D Play 3D Pen

3D pin

XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen, Education Pack

For example, anyone who has not found anything suitable could look at our comparison test with three WLAN picture frames. These digital picture frames can be conveniently filled with new images on the go. Ideal, for example, to provide the grandparents regularly with new photos of grandchildren.

For gourmets and barbecue friends, the smart meat thermometer Meater (review) is a nice idea. The wireless thermometer helps even experienced chefs and is also used privately in the editorial office.

For school children, an e-book reader would be a nice surprise. Cheap models like the AmazonKindle in the Kids Edition (review) are available for less than 80 euros. Those who do not prefer another manufacturer, however, have to dig deeper. In our guidebook e-book readers for children we have presented different models and their special features.

Digital wifi picture frame

Denver PFF-1010

Digital wifi picture frame

Xoro CPF 10A1

wireless meat thermometer

Apption Labs Meater

E-book reader for children

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition 2019

Electronic gifts do not have to be expensive. The selection of interesting and practical gadgets for less than 100 euros is surprisingly large. In order not to flood the article too much with individual offers, we have linked only one or two products from each category. In the respective guidebooks and comparison test but are still numerous other models to find.

Even more tips for nerdy and not-so-nerdy gifts for Christmas at c't. 50 editors of c't have compiled their personal favorites for gifts from the current year. This original, fun and useful for every budget has come together:


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