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Components instead of chocolate: advent calendars for nerds and young geeks invite you to research and tinker. We looked behind the doors and introduce some calendars.

Advent calendars are designed to shorten the waiting time for children and the young at heart. Classically, the calendar is filled with sweets, but also multiplies with toys, perfume, beer and what else makes the buyers every day enjoyment. Even technology enthusiasts should get their money. There are advent calendars with daily experiments from the MINT areas. For some calendars, the components eventually merge into a larger whole, while others rely on completed, highly varied experiments. We looked behind the doors and show a selection of nerdy advent calendars.

in the Conrad electronics advent calendar 2019 There are individual components such as LEDs, resistors, capacitors, buttons and field-effect transistors (FET), which are the central topic here. In addition, a 9V battery is needed. Also a side cutter and a wire stripper are helpful.

The visually not particularly beautiful, enclosed black-and-white booklet dedicates a page to each door and explains there clearly understandable individual components and their interactions with each other on the basis of the difficulty level of increasing experiments. Every day there is a wiring diagram, which can be reconstructed without soldering thanks to the enclosed breadboard.

One can copy the schematics, among other things, from the stepless dimmer, light sensor or tone generator 1: 1 and enjoy the success. But the book also briefly explains the technical background. Too short to fully understand her as a layman, but extensive enough to gather the missing information online if interested.

This circuit shows a touch-sensitive dimmer.

Behind the first door is a resistor and a green LED. Together with the 9 V battery, the LED should light up at the end of the experiment. Behind the second door is a battery clip, behind the third door the plug-in board and some wire. On the fourth day, a junction field effect transistor (JFET) J113 is added. The following days, more and more components and matching circuit diagrams are added, providing a thorough introduction to circuit technology with JFETs. With the 24th experiment you put a sparkling and flashing Christmas light together.

The Conrad electronic advent calendar offers a few hours of fun. However, anyone who has no idea about circuits could quickly feel overwhelmed. However, if you want to bring your interested children or grandchildren closer to electrical engineering and put together a circuit diagram with them every day, you will be delighted with the calendar. But even adults who want to review their electrical engineering education, for example, will be happy with it. After all, he is quite demanding later on. If you like, you can also buy Conrad Advent calendars from the past years. However, these are not cheaper.

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Conrad Advent Calendar 2019

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Conrad Advent Calendar 2018

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Conrad Advent Calendar 2017

The Geolino Advent calendar is aimed more directly at children from 8 years. This is already evident in his chic and colorful presentation. The 24 doors come in the form of colored cardboard gift boxes, the manufacturer tries to dispense with plastic in the packaging. The very beautiful enclosed booklet dedicates a double page to every day. The daily experiments are not related to each other, so they are independent. Their level of difficulty is rather low, they come from the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.

Behind the first door is a bag of cornstarch. Mixed with water, this results in an oobleck, a non-Newtonian liquid. Unlike water, a Newtonian fluid that is always fluid regardless of the rate of immersion, the Oobleck has a variable viscosity. If you dip your finger slowly, it behaves like a normal liquid. On the other hand, if you hit it fast with your fist, the oobleck behaves like a solid material, you do not dive into it.

In the box for the second day is a Prismabrille, the white light divided into their spectral colors. Box number three shows different optical illusions, box number four describes an experiment which shows, among other things, two tubes connected with a tube in which the liquid is always the same height.

The booklet describes the experiments very well. In addition, there are many suitable pictures that illustrate the structure, boxes with further information and an indication of how long the experiment lasts and what you additionally need for it. These are, for example, a flashlight, a bottle or a piece of paper – all things that you usually have in your home anyway.

Even if children from the age of 8 can handle the calendar on their own, parents or grandparents should support the little ones in their experiments. Overall, we can recommend the Geolino Advent calendar because of the simple and very varied experiments and its great presentation to all MINT-interested children. Adults will know most of the experiments.

Franzis GEOlino Advent Calendar 2019

Geolino Advent Calendar 2019

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Geolino Advent Calendar 2019

The Franzis Robot Advent Calendar contains all the components needed to finish building a tracker robot on December 24, following a black line. The calendar is from 14 years old, parents should definitely help here, because it also needs to be soldered.

In the retro radio advent calendar 2019 you put together components without soldering, in the end to keep a functioning radio in your hands. Even the retro-games Advent calendar 2019 should appeal to nostalgics. There you put together individual components and can connect every day to play a retro classic. Included are the games Hot wire. tennis. Get the mole and Quiz buzzer,

Also for Arduino, Raspberry and micro: bit there are suitable advent calendars, which should bring the programming languages ​​mBlock, Pyton or MakeCode closer in daily experiments. The Makerfactory advent calendars contain a booklet in addition to the components, which also guides users without prior knowledge through the experiments. Nevertheless, these calendars are quite demanding and provide food for thought to get deeper into the subject matter.

Franzis robot advent calendar 2019

Robot advent calendar 2019

Franzis Retro Radio Advent Calendar 2019

Retro Radio Advent Calendar

Franzis retro games Advent calendar

Retro Games Advent Calendar

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Advent calendar for Raspberry Pi

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Advent calendar for Arduino

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Advent calendar for micro: bit

Advent calendars with small and large experiments can be recommended especially to families who want to playfully teach their offspring electrical engineering, physics, chemistry or biology. There are also very child-oriented Advent calendars like the Geolino, which provides insight into various STEM areas in varied experiments. The Conrad electronic advent calendar goes a little deeper into electrical engineering and towards the end, if you want to understand everything, quite sophisticated. Overall, the advent calendar for nerds and those who want to become a great alternative to classic Advent calendars with sweets.


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