Git client tower with new major update for macOS

Fournova, the company behind the desktop Git client tower, has released a new major update. In version 5, Tower for Mac gets a new, probably more efficient diff viewer. This is important because diffs are a fundamental part of git. Developers spend a lot of time interacting with diffs every day.

An innovation concerns the highlighting of inline changes, which should be of particular benefit when changing a longer line of code, since it is now clearer what exactly has been changed. In addition, Tower now offers the option to show or hide whitespace changes.

Users who already have an active tower account can update to the new version free of charge. New customers can test the tool for 30 days free of charge. It’s free for students, teachers, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Access for professional users is available from 59 euros per year.

More information about the new version can be found on the manufacturer’s blog.


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