Glamos: Mini lidar sensor detects wiping movements in the air

The developers of Glamos-Coredar finance the accessories on Kickstarter Glåmos, It is a lidar sensor that can convert hand gestures in the air into input coordinates for end devices. The company also calls the small cube a virtual touchscreen. It is connected to TVs, PCs or notebooks via USB or in the Pro version via Bluetooth and can be positioned in many places. The developers show glamor in the conference room, in front of the all-in-one PC and in the living room.

Job market

  1. BIOSCIENTIA Institute for Medical Diagnostics GmbH, Ingelheim am Rhein
  2. District of Stade, Stade

The principle of Glamos is simple. In the middle is a rapidly rotating mirror that reflects a light beam at a 180 degree angle. The rotation of the light beam over the accessories covers a semicircle with a radius of about one meter. If a hand or another object is placed in this area, it reflects the beam back to the receiver. The latter can then calculate the relative position and send the X-Y coordinate to a device.

The developers have already been able to test their system in practice. For this they used Glamos for the Mobile Game Fruit Ninja. Hand movements are reliably recognized in the video. However, the input delay is noticeably noticeable, which is caused on the one hand by the lidar technology itself and on the other hand by the Bluetooth protocol. This approach may be too sluggish for game use, but accessories may prove useful in presentations or as a remote control.

The supporters are apparently confident: Glamos has already raised 262,000 euros from 1,700 people interested in crowdfunding. The campaign will continue for two weeks. The basic version without a Bluetooth module costs 110 euros. The manufacturer demands 130 euros for the Pro version. Delivery is scheduled to start in July 2020.

It is the first project of the developers on Kickstarter. As with many other crowdfunding projects, a certain risk should also be taken into account here.

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Glamos (Image: Glamos-Coredar)