GOOD Party Explained: We Will Open Wikipedia

On the official Twitter account of the GOOD Party, the president of Akşener stated that the famous ancestral Wikipedia, which is closed in our country, will be opened.

While the preparation for elections in our country continues at a great pace, the promise came. According to the statement made by the good party's official Twitter account, if Meral Akşener is elected president, access to Wikipedia, considered the world's greatest encyclopedia, will be reopened.


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In a statement made on the official Twitter account of the Good Party, "All our people are invited to the opening of Wikipedia on June 25th. # # Will be wikipediaiyiol türkiyeiyiol "the statement said. In the image shared with the submission, "If the number of the first meeting is not reached, the second meeting will be held on 9 July".

A Senedir Closed

Wikipedia was closed on the 29th of April last year due to content that was considered harmful to our country. Some months after the closure, a long time, such as 1 year and 1 day, Wikipedia still does not open, and some people say that this decision is correct.

Why was Wikipedia closed?

Wikipedia "no explanation of showing the same floor with Turkey as a terrorist organization" known as closed on the grounds. In the previous period, the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (ICTA) made a statement that "administrative measures are being implemented."


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Wikipedia was Miss Turkey

Not long ago Wikipedia launched an accession. The campaign started with the label "WeMissTurkey" and although many Turkish users gave full support, the famous encyclopedia was not accessible. According to a statement by the GOOD Party, access to Wikipedia will be reopened if Akşener and his team win the elections on June 25.