Google and Unity Partnership Settled

Unity, one of the world's most popular game engines, partnered with Google

More than half of the new games are based on Unity's development engine, and the company is one of the most effective and successful game engines. A new partnership with Unity at Google will expand your ad network in Unity-based games. Especially in mobile games, advertising will be highly profitable for Unity, both for Google and the new deal.

According to Julie Shumaker, who is responsible for advertising solutions at Unity, each Unity game has 9 billion minutes of play per day. This shows that Google and Unity are doing a pretty sensible business deal because games that have so many days of playing every day mean a lot of money on behalf of Google, advertisers and Unity.


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Julie Shumaker also emphasizes the importance of this for all parties 'partnership with Google, we unlock this powerful channel access and give advertisers the opportunity to add value with highly interactive advertising experiences.' expressed in words. Using Unity's Universal Campaigns, advertisers will be able to serve ads in a wide variety of topics that allow for wider and more relevant campaigns.