Google: Android Q is simply called Android 10

Google has announced in a blog post that the upcoming Android version will be called simply Android 10. With this, the company breaks with the tradition of naming the versions of the mobile operating system for sweets.

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So far, Android 10 was run as Android Q, accordingly, there were considerations, which confectionery with Q Google would probably find. Officially, the step is not because no suitable name could be found, but because the nature of the previous term for some users should have been confusing.

As an example, Google argues that L and R are difficult to distinguish in some languages; therefore, users such as Lollipop could not directly conclude that they are following Kitkat. New users also do not necessarily understand whether they have the current Android version or not.

New Android logo with robot

In addition, Google changes the Android logo: Next to the lettering is now also the head of the Android robot in the logo. In addition, the font is black in the future, since the previous green font was sometimes difficult to recognize by users with poor eyesight.

Shortly after Google's announcement, a first manufacturer announced with HMD Global, when its devices should receive Android 10. In the fourth quarter of 2019, the Nokia 7.1, the Nokia 8.1 and the Nokia 9 Pureview to receive the upgrade. At the turn of the year, the Nokia 6.1, 6.1 Plus and 7 Plus are added. Further models are to follow in the first and second quarters of 2020.