Google: Android's Digital Wellbeing Gets Focus Mode

Google has begun distributing the Focus Mode of its Digital Wellbeing feature for Android 10. That reports Android Police, Google recently tested the feature on some selected users.

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With Focus Mode, certain apps can be paused: they no longer send out notifications and can not be easily opened. In the app overview, the applications appear greyed out.

Apps are not so easy to open

When a user clicks on the app icon, a message appears indicating that the application is currently blocked. If the user still wants to open them, they have to activate them again in the settings. This should mean that distracting apps are not opened so often unconsciously.

Focus Mode can be set to automatically activate on certain days and times. For example, it can be set to block Facebook during working hours to prevent distractions. As with the previous digital wellbeing functions, the Focus Mode also requires a degree of self-discipline in order to use it wisely.

The focus mode is likely to come on all Android devices on which the current digital wellbeing functions run. Google and competitors like Facebook have been trying for some time to counteract the persistence of users through their services. For example, Digital Wellbeing offers an overview of the usage time of the smartphone, which can also be sorted by apps.

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