Google Bringing Hearing Support to Android

After Apple, Google will provide "Hearing Support" for hearing-impaired users. Support for future versions of Android will integrate with the hearing instrument.

Google will make life easier for those with hearing loss with "hearing support" that comes with Android. On Thursday, the company announced that they were working with GN Hearing to provide hearing support for future versions of Android. Hearing aid to be improved and hearing aids will be able to connect to Android devices.


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Hearing support is not a new development in the smartphone sector. Apple has previously presented the iPhone for Made hearing program on iOS to help users pair their hearing aids. Although Apple has been in the first attempt at hearing support, Google's move will reach a larger target audience. The reason for this is, of course, that 85 percent of the world's smartphones have an Android operating system.


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According to statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March, 466 million people worldwide have a hearing loss. Android's hearing support will make life easier for a very large segment. It's not just Apple and Android; Many manufacturers, such as Bose, Oticon and Harman, continue to work to develop smart hearing aids with application support.