Google brings Artificial Intelligence to Communication Centers

Google, one of the most important technology brands in the world, has introduced two bids for AutoML:

Google, one of the world's leading technology brands, has announced two bids for AutoML. AutoML Natural Language (AutoML Natural Language) helps you estimate text categories for specific areas; AutoML Translation also allows you to load translated language pairs to create your own custom translation model.

According to Google's description, AutoML Natural Language and AutoML Translation are published in beta. The company also announced that it has added some enhancements to Dialogflow Enterprise Edition to create chat interfaces that can be used in contact centers.

Google also announced the third-generation Cloud TPUs, which will provide more support for machine learning, are also in alpha. The company also released several updates for basic machine learning APIs. The Cloud Vision API can now recognize handwriting, search for different file types and products, and identify objects within a visual.


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In addition, new Cloud Text-to-Speech enhancements enable multi-language access to voices created by DeepMind WaveNet technology and the ability to optimize the speaker on which the talker is played. In addition, Cloud Text-to-Speech can now define different spoken voices and which language is spoken.

Google has also created a complete solution for call centers with artificial intelligence support. When a user calls the call center, the virtual assistant will be able to answer all the questions of the users and perform the necessary operations alone. Although this new technology is similar to Duplex in the ear, Google has stated that the two technologies have different working patterns and targets