Google Brings Bitcoin Symbol to iOS Keyboards

Google, one of the leading companies in the technology, will add the Bitcoin symbol to the keyboards on iOS devices.

The symbols on Google's iOS device keyboard will now include the Bitcoin symbol.

Crypto money reporter Tim Copeland, 19 use the Google keyboard to access it, make sure you're not using Apple's standard keyboard, and hold down the dollar symbol to open the menu with symbols from major currencies around the world. The Bitcoin menu will be on the far left. 900

This decision of Google is seen as a second step in recognizing the technology giant's crypto coins and in particular for Bitcoin.

Google's first step crypto in September 2018 he had removed the four-month ban on money ads. Im We don't have a crystal ball that shows where the future of crypto coins will go, but we've witnessed enough in this area that consumers or potential consumers have suffered a lot, and this is an area we're going to approach with extreme caution, ız said Scott Spencer, Managing Director at Google Sustainable Advertising. Later, with the abolition of the ban, Bitcoin was not recognized, but at least it gained some more recognition.

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Copeland has a very positive perspective in interpreting Google's steps. According to him, the technology giant crypto coins are warming up. These steps are positive, although they are small.

The symbol representing Bitcoin is already included in the Unicode standard, and it has been there since June 2017. The Unicode character of Bitcoin is 20BF.


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Microsoft users can access the Bitcoin symbol (kullanıc) when they type 20BF ​​by holding down the ALT key. Microsoft is accepting a Bitcoin payment in Windows and Xbox stores.

Bitcoin lovers are now waiting for Google to add this symbol to their Android devices' keyboards.