Google Can Add Call Recorder to Phone Application

A new feature has been discovered in the source code of the Phone application developed by Google for Android phones. According to these codes, we can see that the call recorder is added to the Phone application.

Recording our conversations on our smartphones can sometimes work. Third party programs that record our conversations include Google’s Phone application, Android 6 supported the process of recording calls until the exit. After Android 6, we could still record our conversations in certain ways.

But Android 9 with the release of these programs to record conversations, especially by Google has been completely removed. Since that day, we could not record calls on our Android phones. However, according to a few discovered codes, Google may add its own recorder to the Phone application.

Google can be added to the Phone app to save calls:

google phone

The latest version of Google's Pixel 4 Telephone The codes discovered in the application suggest that such a feature can be added to the Phone application. A group of people who reviewed the source code in the app's APK managed to uncover the codes you'll see below.

According to the information obtained from the code, Google will add the new feature completely to the Phone application. can be controlled will make. This information can also be found in the image above ‘Recorder’And‘Recording’Writings. The company also appears to have designed two different logo designs for both cases.

Which phones will the call log feature be added to?

google phone

At this point, you can ask which devices Google’s Phone app is on. Xiaomi Smartphone manufacturers, such as Google, the phone and Messaging application in the market of devices that Google puts their own applications.

With Xiaomi selling well in our country General Mobile phones also have Google's Phone and Messaging applications. Of course, this is the case between General Mobile and Google. Android One a result of a partnership.


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Nevertheless, it is also a matter of discussion on which phone manufacturers Google will offer the new feature. This feature can also be added to all Phone applications, and can only be sent to Phone applications installed on the devices of selected phone manufacturers. We're gonna have to wait a little while to get the answer.

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