Google Chrome Add-on Showing Malicious Sites

Google has added a new plug-in to the Chrome browser to combat scams on the internet.

Google will allow you to mark fraud sites because many sites on the Internet are malicious people who want to use your personal information as well as your sensitive data. Malicious code and hackers, unstable sites trying to enter your system, will be marked after that will warn visitors. With this new feature, a secure search environment can be created.

A very small link, as a result of typing errors can be experienced easily to go to different web sites, as a result of access to these sites can be published on the dark web.

While many technology companies ignore this issue, Google has realized this problem and developed a new system. With this system, users can detect and block malicious sites. Cyber ​​criminals are expected to be reduced as a result of the system that will work with the detection and reports of users.

The system will check if anything is inappropriate by checking the URL or other data, so a safe navigation is aimed.

Because most of the sites that want to access your information have access to your information by doing similar ones to trusted sites, Google will mark sites that provide fake links to prevent users from becoming victims.


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Finally Suspicious Site Reporter Announcing a plug-in called Google, thanks to this plugin by putting signs on suspicious sites will allow you to think twice before entering the site.