Google: Chrome should optionally display HTTPS and WWW again

WWW and HTTPS are no longer shown by Chrome since version 76, in the future the URLs should disappear completely. There was much criticism of these plans and the current implementation. Now Google is willing to compromise: the URLs can optionally be shown again. Two corresponding functions have been implemented in Chromium and Chrome Canary. First had the blog Ghacks reports.

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Right-clicking on the address bar opens the option in the context menu "Show URL" choose. However, the URL is only displayed for the active website and until the next reload. A double click in the address bar has a similar effect.

Recently, a flag has been set in the internal settings of Chromium or Chrome Canary that shows the option "Show URL" in the context menu by the option "Always show the complete URLs" replaced. If this is selected, the URLs will be shown again in the Chrome browser – as before.

The flag can be found at the address chrome: // flags / # omnibox-context-menu-show-full-urlsthat must be entered in the address bar. The flag can then be activated. After the browser has been restarted, all URLs can be permanently displayed completely via the context menu of the address bar. With the option, Google should calm the dispute about hiding URLs again.

It is not known when the function will be available in the Chrome browser. Google recently announced that it would suspend updates to Chrome and Chrome OS due to the corona pandemic. Version 81 of the browser has already been skipped. Instead, the service update 80.0.3987.149 was released, which only contains bug fixes.

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