Google Discovered An Open Affecting All Apple Devices

Google has announced that Apple has discovered a vulnerability that it has not noticed before. Google's Project Zero team reported that the iPhone and other Apple devices were affected by the problem while sharing its findings.

'Zero click deficits'is an expression that is not noticed by the developers and used to identify the vulnerabilities in the product as soon as the product appeared. Although such deficits are common, especially large manufacturers do not make these mistakes. Even Apple has found a deficit of this kind before. 250 thousand dollars prize had announced that he would give.

It looks like the firm has been awarded one of these awards by Google Project Zero will give it to the team. IPhones and other vulnerabilities found by the team Apple It was stated to affect their products. An explanation was made on the team's blog page.

Open on Apple products:


Project Zero team used to process the problem multimedia ImageIO said it was in its structure. This structure; It is used in all iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems, so this problem is present in every device.

ImageIO automatically evaluates its content when an image or message is sent and what the file is itself decides. Such automated processes also allow hackers to store malicious code in different files. appetite swelling why is this happening.

Google analysts'fuzzing ' using the technique called the ImageIO He studied how he coped with erroneous visual processing. Then 6 in this structure, OpenEXR In the third party application named 8 more than the extra found.

Google informed Apple about the vulnerabilities:


While the vulnerabilities can be exploited with third-party messaging apps, the real problem comes from the source where the apps are running. So for the solution of the problem Apple's he has to do something. Google analysts reported the flaws they discovered to Apple. This kind of deficits in the firm's previous updates that close we know. ImageIO vulnerabilities were fixed in patches published in January 2020 and April 2020. OpenEXR it fixed the issues in the latest update 2.41.


Apple Makes Statement on iPhone Mail Application Vulnerability

Researchers have found that users to limit He says it will be useful. Samuel Gross, one of the researchers, said that despite the shortfalls discovered by the team, similar problems continue. Any operating system totally safe it is not possible. Security experts and hackers are in a kind of endless race. This is the software we have the importance of keeping up to date It emphasizes.