Google Face Resident Proofing Keyboard Correction

If you turn on this feature on Android phones, some words that might come after the words you use are suggested automatically.

This functional feature is frequently used by people who like to write faster and more practical messages. However, recently, an interesting suggestion, Google may have left many careless people in a difficult situation.

When a user on Twitter is allowed to sit on his or her child's carer's seat, he or she will be asked to leave for the carer's appointment if they agree to the recommendation. and he suggested that the keyboard should be a hundred seats.


The blogger, who stated that he did not use this word sequence when writing a message, got an answer from everyone who had the same problem and everyone suffered from the same problem.
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Fortunately, the last time the user noticed the situation, the message was sent in the wrong way and prevented a slight crisis. "The Gboard is generally designed to prevent such predictions, but the human language is complicated and sometimes improper suggestions lead to machine learning models, such as in any system that filters sensitive expressions, and when we learn an inappropriate suggestion,

According to Google's statement, the Gboard uses a "generic language model" for all users, but at the same time there is a personalized algorithm for presenting messages based on the user's messaging history. For this reason, sometimes such mistakes can happen and you can remove certain suggestions by touching the suggested word and dragging it to the trash can. You can also completely disable customized suggestions via Android's keyboard settings.