Google Fuchsia Can Run Android Apps

Fuchsia, the new operating system Google is working on, will launch Android applications. As a result, Google will easily adopt the new operating system to users.

Google is developing an operating system called Fuchsia. There are some new details about Fuchsia that can be used for both mobile and computer platform.

On Thursday, a member of the XDA Developers forum claimed that Google Fuchsia would support Android applications. This situation is critical for the future of the platform, as it removes the need for Android developers to make extra effort for Fuchsia. So even if Fuchsia is introduced as an alternative to Android, it will have no difficulty.

Google Fuchsia on smart phone

It is clear that application developers are reluctant to deploy applications for unpopular operating systems. This is the biggest example of Microsoft's Windows Phone, which is plugged at the end of 2017. For Windows Phone, which has a very small number of users, developers have almost left the practice. Since there is no practice, the mass of people who buy the phone has become much smaller and we can say that there has been a vicious cycle.


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Google's new operating system Fuchsia can share the fate of Windows Phone if it does not support Android applications.

A laptop using Google Fuchsia

It is not yet clear what purpose Fuchsia is going to be used for, as Google will be aware of this situation. A video that emerged earlier this year; Fuchsia has given us the knowledge that it is an operating system that can work collaboratively on smartphones, tablets and computers. Fuchsia, Google's new operating system, is not yet a project that is hidden by Google, although it is still a mystery. Google's Android development chief Dave Burke described Fuchsia as "an early experimental project"