Google Introduced 3 Features That Will Help You Protect Your Privacy

Among the innovations that technology giant Google demonstrated at the Google I / O event held today, there were some features that will enable users to protect their privacy. Users will now have new and important options in Maps and Photos, which can more easily delete their browser history.

Google promotes its new technologies and products. Google I / O It reorganized its event this year after the canceled event in 2020. One of the innovations that Google showed at the event was about privacy. Google users to increase privacy It introduced some innovations that it will put into use.

Google pledged “We will never sell your personal data to anyone else” before unveiling its privacy innovations. The first innovation shown after that is to increase your searches on Google. will allow you to delete more easily innovation happened. Now, after clicking on your profile picture on Google, one of the options you come across is, “Delete the last 15 minutes”Will have the option.

Privacy enhancements will also come to Google Maps and Photos:

google i / o

Another innovation shown was on the Google Maps side. Google Maps was recording the places you have visited until now. It will now be much easier to prevent Google from doing this. Directly on the maps app Timeline on the page Location History You will be able to turn this service on or off by pressing the option.

google i / o


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Although the latest innovation introduced by Google on privacy concerns Pixel smartphone users for now, it will be published for all Android users in the future. Users, Google Photos on the application “Locked FileBy creating ”, they will be able to prevent their photos from appearing in both Photos and other applications. Confirmations such as fingerprint or password will be taken from the user to view the photos.