Google Introduces New AR Service ‘Floom’ to Users

Google has introduced the new augmented reality tool “Floom”, which is in the experimental stage, to the service of users. Floom, tunneling into a ground with the camera of the phone or tablet, makes it possible to see what is on the other side of our geoit-shaped planet.

US-based technology giant Google, Floom announced that it has launched a new augmented reality tool, which it named. Floom, currently available as an experimental project, is a browser-based service that allows you to create an imaginary tunnel from your location to the other side of the Earth and offers an interesting experience. Google, Floom Google Earth It states that it works in an integrated way with.

Floom is a very simple application in terms of usability. Google, which has created a special website for the service that is in the experimental phase, reaches this website and uses your phone or tablet. choose the floor wants. When you choose that floor, Floom opens an augmented reality-powered tunnel, at the end of the tunnel, that is, on the other side of our planet that has a geoid shape it shows where.

Floom, that’s how it looks on phones

Google Floom

In statements made by Google, users via Floom that they can explore all parts of the world says. In fact, according to Google, users can use Google Earth to see in detail where they are at the end of the tunnel they have opened. This kind of service is nowadays when we have to stay in our homes due to coronavirus. fun experience looks like it will present.


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Google is one of the companies that invest heavily in virtual and augmented reality technologies. Floom, on the other hand, is one of the augmented reality services that Google reaches the end user. only one. The company, which has carried out different studies on the subject until today, is a virtual measurement tool and enabling you to maintain social distance It also provides a special augmented reality service. If you too want to use the company’s most impressive augmented reality tool to date, here You can use the link found.

A promotional video prepared by Google’s Floom permission

  • Not: Floom, who is in the experimental stage, may not always give good results. So if you encounter various problems, you may choose to try the service again after a while.

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