Google Leads to the Appeal of the Penalty

There are some bad aspects of being a great player on the market, as well. You should take care of every step you take, because everyone's eyes are on you. Google is now caught in the privacy policies adopted by the European Union.

The French government has announced that it will appeal the punishment for violating the rules of confidentiality

. We have given a fine of 50 million euros (approximately 300 million TL) for not expressing in a way. şekil This penalty was granted in May under the General Data Protection Regulations, which came into force in Europe in the following year.


            Google Fines 50 Million Euros for Transparency Infringement

Although GDPR is an arrangement that includes multiple data security, the main focus is on how users' data is collected and shared with whom.

In view of these rules, Google is also found guilty in France, but Google will also object to this decision.

t We have worked hard to comply with the GDPR rules. We've released personalized ads to our users, but we've done it in a transparent environment. Da

Google is quite familiar with the penalties imposed by the European Union. There is currently a $ 5 billion competition penalty pending at the moment, and a Google Shopping penalty of $ 2.7 billion from 2017. When we look at the other penalties that we received, we see that this penalty is the ear of the camel. But if we look at the work from a different perspective, we see that it is the biggest punishment given in the GDPR violation.


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