Google Maps Has Millions of Fake Businesses

Google is trying to deal with counterfeit businesses in the Maps service. Thousands of new counterfeit businesses continue to be added to the service each month.

Although Google is known for its search engine service, it has many different services that have managed to be part of our daily lives in one way or another. One of the most commonly used services is the Google Maps service.

According to research by The Wall Street Journal, there may be as many as 11 million counterfeit businesses on Google Maps. Google, trying to deal with the problem of fake businesses, is trying to disable new fake businesses that are added every month.


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There are many different reasons why these fraudulent businesses are opened. One of the reasons is direct fraud. Scammers who give people false address and phone numbers, thus losing track. Another reason is the fierce competition between the companies. People who open fake businesses, advertising their competitors by putting their phone numbers in the region and trying to grab customers.

According to WSJ's research, only 2 out of the top 20 plumber in New York City comply with Google's physical location guidelines, while 13 addresses are directly fake. Moreover, fraudulent addresses are often in the high risk category, such as construction, towing, and modification. Since the services of these enterprises are needed instantaneously, nobody checks whether they are real or not.

The problem is that both local businesses are in a difficult situation, causing users to think again and again before receiving a service.

Google did not explain how to combat fraudulent addresses in order to avoid scammers, but posted a blog post stating that it is aware of the problem and is trying to solve it. According to reports from Google, the company deleted more than 3 million fake business profiles. 90% of them have been removed from the system before customers have ever had access. 85% of the removed profiles were detected by Google, users complained about 250 thousand businesses.


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Google has prepared a form to complain about fraudulent businesses. After a point, this time, competing businesses "this is a fake, no such a place," he began to complain that Google needs to set up a new system. As a result, the majority of real businesses do not create as much reliable profile as Google wants.