Google Pay Restores Add-In Names

The ability to give nickname to cards in Android Pay prior to merging with Google Wallet is rearranged to Google Pay.

In the beginning of 2018, Google joined the Android Pay and Google Wallet in a single digital wallet and called Google Pay. However, the change of name did not bring this feature back until now. Some users have confirmed that this feature has been revised in the Google Pay Help Forum. The büyük return Bu of this option was not a big surprise. In fact, some sources had previously reported that Google would bring back this feature.

Changing the name of the payment method seems to be only active on the cards. This type of customization option is not yet available for bank cards. To assign a user name to the cards, tap on the card and select or Add nickname mek. [19459005] RELATED NEWS

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This feature is currently restricted to the US and Canada only.


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