Google Prepares to Accelerate Chrome

Google Chrome, which holds nearly two-thirds of the world's browser market, is accelerating. We've talked about Chrome's new feature and how you can start using this feature today.

Google Chrome is the undisputed judge of the browser market. The nearest competitor of the scanner, which has approximately 65% ​​of the market, has a market share of 11%. Google is developing new features to keep Chrome's advantage. Chrome's experience is often overwhelming, as Chrome's experience has come to the forefront in the same way as both mobile and desktop da

At the top of Chrome's troubles, the browser's RAM consumption is coming. Google is also aware of this and is trying to make Chrome more RAM-friendly. The aim of the new feature being studied is to accomplish this.


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It is not known when the feature will appear and when it will be officially added to Chrome, but it is possible to start using the feature today.

How to Use the New Feature

Google has an "experimental" version of testing new Chrome features. This version is called Chrome Canary. Google Chrome Canary can be downloaded from the firm's website. Click Here To Register …

Google has added the new feature to Chrome Canary for testing. The feature is called ı Skip best effort tasks anılıy and is very simple to use. In summary, thanks to the new feature, giving priority to the process of stopping Chrome, both the RAM is comforting and makes the computer more comfortable. In particular, we had previously made a story:


            Google Launches Chrome for Less Consumption of RAM

The description of the feature in Google Chrome Canary, ay While this flag is in the air, the tasks with the lowest priority will not be executed until the moment of closing. Low priority task queue can increase memory usage. In addition, while this flag is in the air, it is possible to use Chrome in almost the same way, but some invisible operations, such as writing user data to disk, deleting memory, reporting metrics, or updating components, will not be performed until shutdown. U

, this feature has been added to the latest version. To enable the feature, type chrome: // flags / # disable-best-effort-tasks in the search bar and press enter. Click the flag next to in Skip best effort tasks ın from the drop-down settings page. Open the next open menu and select ve Enabled Y. The feature will then run when you restart Chrome Canary.