Google Removed Application Updated Notification

Android users are currently complaining that they have not received notifications from the Play Store about their updated apps. This change was made deliberately explaining Google, unaware of this step because of the reaction of users drew.

Many recently Android userany applications that have been updated notification complains that they have not seen. This unusual event, in the first place Google Play StoreAlthough it is described as a mistake in the event, the incident turned out to be different.

After multiple reports have been published about this confusing change, users need to finally make a statement. GoogleIn fact, notifications that do not come are not a mistake, but a deliberate change, he said.

google play store notification


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Google's only goal in this step is to reduce notification clutter on smartphones. The company has a strategy similar to the popular browser Chrome’Also applied. US technology giant, enabling users to receive far fewer notifications from Chrome, Play Store the same way.

In short, Android users ‘Application updated’ notifications. In fact, most users will not even be aware of this slight change. Play Store still notifies when updating apps; however, these notifications disappear when the process is complete. So you don't have to worry that your apps are not updated.

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