Google: Search engines should pay for recommendation on Android

As of spring 2020, Google will launch a new search engine selection on Android when users in the EU set up a smartphone or tablet. At this point, the users decide which search engine is set as the default and performs searches on the home screen, for example. In addition, users can set a default browser. Changes are possible at any time after setup.

A very similar selection has been showing Google in the Play Store since April, making it clear to customers that they have free choice – it does not always have to be Google. The proposals are based on popularity, the order was chosen at random, Google said back then. That should change: In the future, the search engines should pay for the recommendation.


Android informs in the future about Google alternatives.

(Image: Google )

Providers who want to be included in the proposals must give Google a price they are willing to pay. This auction will take place for each country in the EU. There should be a minimum bid that Google has not yet announced. But it is clear that the amounts offered remain secret, Three more services besides Google will recommend Android to users. However, if no bids are received, Google will randomly choose the search services. The deadline ends on the 13th of September.

Such an auction is "a fair and objective way to select search providers," says Google according to The Verge, In this way, the services themselves decide what to recommend to them during the Android setup.

All of this is happening as the EU pushes and has condemned Google to a record $ 4.3 billion fine. The company had abused its market power and used Android as a lever. Google should no longer Chrome and its own search with Android as closely mesh, as it is the case today, the EU demanded. Android users have always had the ability to install other browsers and set them as the default app, Google said.


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