Google Starts to Increase Price

Google has increased the price of its USB-C headphone converters, citing some enhancements.

With a recent announcement, Google will introduce Pixel 3 and some new enhancements with an event in New York on October 9th. we learned. Following these news, Google increased the price of USB-C headphone converters at the official store page. The product, which is on sale with a price tag of $ 9 before the end of the day, will now be sold for $ 12.

The reason for the price increase is the developments in the market. Google's new tagged USB-C headphone converter has been improved by 53% compared to the Pixel 2 headphone converter. Other changes in the business are 0.8 mm thinner and 0.4 gram lighter.


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Google's policy to sell extra adapters for headset input was actually controversial, and users were not very happy with it. In the new Pixel 3, the situation is expected to change. Although no official statement has been made, the leak is likely to come from a Pixel 3 box with a USB-C converter, and that's exactly what the users expect.