Google Translate Meaningless Texts Scary Textured

It has been determined that the meaningless words written in Google Translate are translated into ürperten cumulere. Some people think that Google Translate reads private messages and mails.

For the past two years, Google Translate has been using an automated learning system to provide more accurate translations. However, the algorithm now tries to combine sentences with words that do not make sense, and it generates some scary messages. The Motherboard portal has published some content that states that Google Translate has transformed nonsense words into well-structured sentences. Examples that have been published include multiple repetitions of some words on different foreign nouns. Google Translate transforms this meaningless word into strikingly meaningful phrases.

In the first verse, he says, "There is a time of apocalypse 3. There are dramatic developments in the world, which shows us that we are getting closer and closer to the return of Jesus." The second translation says, "The name of God is written in Hebrew language, written in the language of the Hebrew nation." While some people attribute this to supernatural powers, some suspect that they may originate from texts that Google learns by looking at private messages and emails. However, the Google spokesperson rejected this possibility.


Google Translate has learned from examples on the web and does not use private messages to translate.


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It is possible that these coincidental and indefinite translations were made by the bad guys at Google. Alternatively, they may also be connected to problem users who misuse the "Find me" button. However, such an attack will not escape Google's radar. Assistant Professor Andrew Rush at Harvard says: "This [kara kutuların] vast majority resembles human language and when you give a new one is trained to produce something that resembles human language at all costs. "