Google Translate Support Added

Famous Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia added Google Translate to content translation options for volunteer translators. In this way, it is aimed to create almost every language translation of Wikipedia contents.

The Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, has taken a major step forward in delivering content in more languages. The Wikimedia Foundation has made Google Translate available to volunteer translators to translate content that is not an English version. The foundation staff performed the first translation test immediately after the addition of the feature.

This move by the authorities, who said that volunteer translators have long requested Google Translate support, has been interpreted as an extended version of Google's promise to increase the number of English content in Indonesia.

A great improvement has been made in translation with recent improvements in Google Translate. In addition to providing the right translations, the Wikipedia content produced with the translation service providing a large number of language support will be published under a free license.


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Google's data privacy policy for those who will hesitate to "share data with Google, we will not receive data from them." we will observe the results of this initiative of the foundation officials, who made the statement in the coming days.


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