Google WiFi Demonstrates Devices Who Want to Connect to Your Home

We've all been trying to protect our Internet provider with complex passwords, and maybe we've made infiltration into other networks an entertainment. However, Google Wifi introduces a new measure to this issue.

Google offers a new feature to the Google Wifi router that lets you see how your devices work in the network. With the innovation that will surely catch many Wi-Fi cousins, you will be able to avoid quota overruns.

Basically, the feature will perform a speed test on each device and monitor the presence of any foreigner on the network. At this point, although the number of participants in the network is high, the situation is not a problem in terms of traceability.


            Device Removing Wi-Fi Network Trouble: Google WiFi

The feature planned to be available next week is an important initiative in terms of providing peace of mind for all users. Of course the benefits of this innovation that I think are quite beneficial will of course be visible.