Google will block Chrome Extensions from Other Sites

The Google Chrome extensions were popularly used in the early days of our lives, but over time they began to deviate from their purpose. Google has decided not to interfere.

Many developers have been able to get you up to speed by offering extensions through Chrome, but every developer has turned out to be not so innocent.

To combat this past year, Google has introduced new policies, such as banning cryptographic currency mining and learning machine learning against deceptive extensions of legacy.


While some steps have been taken, there are still a lot of complaints about unwanted extensions that cause users to experience an unexpected change to the Chrome experience.
            Web Developer Extension Users Caution: Popular Chrome Extension Hacklendi!

Google will only be able to install extensions provided by developers other than the extensions it has developed, only from Chrome's app store. This means that newly released extensions will no longer support inline uploads that users automatically redirect to the Chrome Web Store entrance to a new tab.