Google will use Blockchain for Cloud Services

Google made an agreement with New York-based technology company Digital Asset to create blockchain-based applications.

In a blog post, Google announced that Cloud customers could use distributed notebook technology frameworks using Digital Asset and BlockApps. The partnership between Google and Digital Asset is another work Google has done with BlockApps. This project is also said to be a system that will help people to make decentralized practices.

It is unclear to customers how it will work and whether to access custom software, but more details are expected during the Google Next '18 event this week. The company also added open source integrations for applications built with Blockchain-based platforms, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum in the Google Cloud product market this year.


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Digital Asset's CEO, Blythe Masters, said that they will offer a comprehensive solution to partnership and developers in a blog post, thereby opening up the potential for web-paced innovation in the block chain. This move demonstrates that Google wants to use digital notebook technology to provide an advantage over Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, which have more market share than Google Cloud in cloud computing.

partnership allows Google developers to access a custom programming language for smart contracts. On this basis, Google developers can build block archive applications and then potentially license them to other companies or make them available to customers.