Google's Artificial Intelligence Writes Poetry to Selfies

Google's new artificial intelligence, poetry for a selfie and a person who uploaded the word

I do not know if it is still going on, but in our high school years, people would write poems to each other. These poems were generally taken from ready texts. At that time, the rate of reading the book crawled in places often bad poetry was written: Here is çok nights without you, eternal nights, without you all the end of my gracious problems sonsuz such as the ugly texts in the form of a very mature thing was sending people together.

A technology that was not at that time If there are poetry writers give them a chance to get new poems. Google's artificial intelligence offers you a poem when you give it a portrait photo and a word.

The artificial intelligence producers behind 3D trips and really difficult ports to distinguish are now facing the product called POWMPORTRAITS. Described by Es Devlin, his creator, as [acombinationofpoetrydesignandmachinelearningşiirtheprograminvitespeopletoacquirehisownpoems


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You can start getting your poem by i donating eye a word to the application. Then you can use the application without permission to take a picture to take a picture from you.

The algorithm has been trained with millions of strings of 19th-century poets and selects a concept that suits your word and creates sentences according to it. In the 19th century, no English poet wrote an Beşiktaş anthem, so I didn't write about the result and I didn't get a result, so it's not possible to print poems using modern words or non-English words.

Artist and stage designer Es Devlin, Google Arts & Culture and Ross Goodwin together with POEMPORTRAITS


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Artificial intelligence doesn't copy words from old texts by taking the guide. She uses the structure and logic that she learns to construct strings.

The camera mode of the POEMPORTRAITS may not work on some mobile devices. You can use this link to try the application.