GPU: Nvidia calls on gamers to fight Covid-19

The graphics card manufacturer Nvidia has gamers in a tweet called to make the computing capacity of their graphics cards available for research on the corona virus. To do this, users should download the Folding @ Home software and join a project that collects processes that are especially suitable for GPU calculations.

Job market

  1. Dataport, various locations (home office possible)
  2. Archdiocese of Cologne, Cologne

Folding @ Home integrates the unused computing capacity of the home PC into a global network, which is then available to scientists from various research projects. Folding @ Home has been around for a while, but the project became increasingly popular due to Covid 19 infections. Scientists from Stanford University have already asked the general public to participate in the program.

Nvidia refers to this in his tweet Team PCTM, which collects Folding @ Home's GPU-specific projects. After installing the Folding @ Home software, users do not need to do anything else to participate in the project. The program automatically allocates the resources of the computer.

Playing is still possible without restrictions

The Folding @ Home software can also be deactivated when the PC is used for gaming. So there are no disadvantages for players if they want to play a powerful game. The permanently switched on PC only increases power consumption, but researchers have more computing capacity for this.

Research is currently underway on drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 as well as on a vaccine. Severe Covid-19 diseases can currently only be treated concomitantly, in severe cases, for example, with artificial ventilation. However, the majority of the diseases are without such serious complications.

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