GPU Technology Conference: Nvidia converts GTC into online event

Nvidia has announced that it will not hold the GPU Technology Conference 2020 in-house in San Jose, California, but in one Online event with live streams convert. The background to this is the increasing number of confirmed infections with the corona virus in the Bay Area, i.e. the metropolitan region around San Francisco including the Silicon Valley with San Jose.

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According to Nvidia, CEO Jensen Huang will conduct his keynote as planned, for which the manufacturer is setting up a livestream. Further presentations should also be available online in the next few weeks, because in addition to Nvidia itself, other companies are also represented each year with lectures. Registered GTC participants should receive a refund for their tickets.

The GPU Technology Conference takes place from March 22nd to 26th, the week before the Games Developer Conference (GDC) should have been held in San Francisco. However, the developer fair was postponed to summer a few days ago and that Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit, which was planned for March 4th and 5th in San Jose, was completely canceled. Nvidia had avoided attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​Spain just a few weeks ago.

For GTC 2020, it is expected that Nvidia will present a new generation of GPUs for servers. The Tesla accelerators are said to be based on an architecture called amperes, but more details are lacking so far. The use of HBM stack memory and improved tensor cores for float and integer formats from FP64 to FP32 and FP16 to INT8 and INT4 can be assumed. Nvidia should use a 7 nm process from Samsung or TSMC, the current GV100 chip of the Tesla V100 is manufactured with 12FFN.

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