Great discount for the price of PUBG and FIFA 21

Steam, which likes to attract the attention of gamers with the discount campaigns it organizes from time to time, is now two popular games; He made unmissable discounts on the prices of PUBG and FIFA 21.

One of the flagship productions of the battle royale genre PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or in short PUBGIt has once again topped the bestseller list on the Steam play store. The reason is that almost all players who see the FOMO effect Discounted price.

PUBG was so popular for a while that it was in the library of almost everyone whose computer could run the game. However, the developers will be able to win new players who have not given PUBG a chance. Steam at the price 50 percent As a result, PUBG quickly hit the top of the Steam bestseller list.

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We Could Not Get Soup Money: Free Version of PUBG PUBG Lite Has Ended

Under normal conditions, with a price of 87 TL PUBG, as part of the “midweek spree” discount 43,50 TL It can be purchased at a very affordable price. However, it should be noted that you have only 29 hours to evaluate the offer in question. Tomorrow evening 20:00When it shows, PUBG’s price reduction will also come to an end. To get PUBG 50 percent off here you can click.

By the way, currently the most popular soccer game FIFA 21Let us point out that it is in the second place after PUBG in the Steam bestseller list with the great price discount that has also received. FIFA21, whose normal price is 419.99 TL, is valid until 10 May. 67 percent discount with only 138,59 TL It can be purchased at a price. To have FIFA21 with a 67 percent discount here you can click.