Great support for Iranian women who are being taken into custody

The young woman who is taken into custody for supporting dance videos in Iran without wearing a headscarf is supported through social media.

In the public sphere of Iran, there are some dress codes that women should follow. An 18-year-old woman was taken into custody at Instagram because she did not comply with these rules, that is, clothing restrictions. After the young woman danced without wearing a headscarf and was taken into custody for sharing them on the social media, the reaction to the situation started to grow like an avalanche. The users, who entered into a great solidarity through social media, pulled out the dancing videos and published them. It was also revealed that the young woman taken into custody was Maedeh Hojabri's famous gymnast and 3 others were taken into custody due to the same situation shortly. But the three people who were taken into custody were released by paying bail.


            18-year-old Iranian youth is taken into custody for sharing Dance Videos in Instagram

Hojabri had 300 different videos sharing his personal account with thousands of followers, dancing with Iranian and Western music, and did not follow the headscarf rule in these videos. A confession video was released on Friday that we did not know what conditions were taken. In his confession videos published by the Iranian state television, Hojabri says he does not obey the moral rules, but says that he takes the videos to win followers, not his intention. In response to this situation of the young gymnast, a variety of messages, videos and videos were shared through social media.

Huseyin Ronaghi also shared a dance video of Hojabri, publishing an article in which child rapists dismissed free-lance teenage girls being taken into custody for their dances.

Maish Alinejad spreads a video of his dance in Tehran with the intention of supporting

While they were taken away from the role of a minister in a shopping mall in Iran this year, they were forced to do a zumba in August, but they did not have a chance to see the girl dancing together. with the reason that 6 people were taken into custody. 6 Iranians in 2014 with the cause of dancing and clapping 91 lashes and 1 year prison sentence. The use of social media in Iran is also prohibited, but users can access it via VPN and open up to the world.