Group Video Call Support for Google Duo

According to Google's statement, the Google Duo now supports up to 4 users to have video calls at the same time. So far, many different services have allowed users to perform video calls at the same time with more than one person.


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As of today, the Google Duo has also got group video calling support. Now Google Duo users will be able to make video calls simultaneously with one, two or three friends at the same time. Google has also announced that the app has low-light mode,

According to Google Duo's Justin Uberti, the group's video chat feature is currently only available in certain countries. Details on which countries are available are not shared.


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In our test, we found that Google Duo performs its own group video call feature of being active in Turkey. If Google group video feature also in Turkey to discuss the matter will actively press the button to select Create Group will be enough people.