Grünheide: Brandenburg's head of government asks Tesla critics for patience

Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD)
has given concerns and protests about the proposed factory
of the electric car manufacturer Tesla called for patience. "The questions about
infrastructure expansion, after water supply and many more
others are answered, but it also takes some time, "

said Woidke of the German press agency in Potsdam. "For that, please
I for understanding. "
The head of government emphasized: "The decision
from Tesla is just eleven weeks old. If you see what's in the
It has already happened in the meantime, that's good. "

Job market

  1. Stadtverwaltung Bretten, Bretten
  2. Aroundtown Consulting GmbH, Berlin

Tesla wants a factory in Grünheide (Oder-Spree district) near Berlin
build up to 500,000 Model 3 vehicles from July 2021
and Y should roll off the assembly line each year. The environmental approval process is currently ongoing. The forest on the site still needs to be cleared – but not even conservationists mourn it. It is one "mature, inferior pine forest"as Mayor Arne Christiani emphasized.

However, there are concerns among citizens, associations and politicians about the expected freight transport and water supply. Tesla needs the plans
according to up to 372,000 liters per hour for the plant. Tesla representatives
had at an information event for citizens, according to participants
declares that it wants to reduce consumption.

The Prime Minister was confident that open
Problems can be solved, but sees challenges for everyone
Pages. "There is good progress, but lies ahead of everyone involved
still a lot of work "
said Woidke. He also emphasized: "We are
in good conversations with Tesla. "
On January 29th, the
Task Force, a working group with representatives of the state government,
from Tesla and from municipalities, among other things for notarial certification
of the purchase contract for the factory premises.

All of Brandenburg could benefit from Tesla

"We're all at a good pace"said the head of government. He
assumes that Tesla's electric car factory will have positive effects
the whole state can have: "If everything works, then it comes into being
Grünheide is a story from which the whole of Brandenburg can benefit
The project will also address the issue of climate neutral
Giving a boost to renewable energy production, he said.
Woidke sees great interest in the industry, climate neutral
produce and consume eco energy generated on site.

Tesla boss Elon Musk had been on Twitter about a week ago
brought up the discussion about environmental concerns. He said the factory would be sustainable and
of the environment. The water consumption is top values, the forest is a tree plantation, the area of ​​which is also balanced.

The Prime Minister viewed the statements positively. "It is quite unusual for Tesla boss Elon Musk to comment on Twitter about a debate that is going on in the state of Brandenburg," said Woidke. "That was an important clarification. But that doesn't change the fact that everyone involved
have to do their very specific work. "

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